The Journey of the Ordination

Father Marcos Estefanos’ ordination to the Church of Saint Mark & Anba Bishoy’s altar in Dubai 

The blessed ordination journey began with a nomina- tion the people submitted to His Holiness Anba Abra- ham, Bishop of this Diocese, recommending Morcos as the new priest for Saint Mark and Anba Bishoy’s Church altar.

His Holiness had also offered people a choice between deacons Samy and Medhat. When it was difficult for people to decide between the three, they asked His Holiness to place the names of all three candidates on the altar and conduct a special mass to determine God’s will. His Holiness agreed and all three names were placed on the altar for an altar draw to be con- ducted.

On 15 / 03 / 2012, a special mass was perfromed in the presence of His Holiness, Anba Abraham, and in partcipation with Father Boula Al Orshalimi, Father Mina Hanna, and Father Youhanna Zakaria.

After the Mass had ended, the smallest child in Church was brought to select from the altar draw and indeed God’s choice was Morcos. It was a joyful day for peo- ple who were relieved they didn’t have to choose and who felt that this was indeed God’s choice. The holy Ordination took place at the Seat of ‘Rabtit Al Kods’ in Cairo on Friday, 1st June, 2012 at the hands of His Holiness, Anba Abraham, Archbishop of Jerusa- lem Seat and in the presence of His Holiness, General Bishop, Anba Rofail, and a host of other priests and deacons who attended the ordination from Dubai. He was named Father Morcos after the ordinations.

Once the ordination ended, Father Morocs proceeded to Saint Anba Bishoy’s Monastery to spend the 40 holy days and recieved the Communion sacrifice on Wednesday, 6th of June. On completeing the 40 days, Father Morcos arrived to Dubai from Cario on Tuesday, 10th July, 2012 and was recieved by the Church with joy, praise and hymns from the Fathers close to father Boula Al Orshalimi, Fa- ther Sawiris Al Anba Bishoy, Father Mina Hanna and Father Youhanna Zakaria. The first mass he raised in Dubai since was the Mass celebrating the Eid of the Holy Apostles.

We pray that our dear Father Morcos enjoys plenty of success in his new service and that the LORD may grant him grace, strenght, and support to become a source of blesing to everyone he deals with and to gather to Chirst’s herd all the souls for which Christ sacrificed His blood. With the prayers of our beloved Anba Abraham, Arch Bishop of the Jerusalem Seat and with the prayers of our Lady and intercessor, the Virgin Mary, Saint Mark the Evangilist, and Anba Bish- oy, the Beloved of Christ.

Wonderful coincidences:

  1. The day of the Ordination is the same day as Christ’s entry into Egypt
  2. The day of recieving the sacrifice (استلام الذبيحة) cor- responds to the Commemoration of the major feasts (Feasts of the Annunciation, Christmas and Easter)
  3. The first Mass in Dubai Church is on the Eid of the Holy Apostles (عيد الرسل)

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